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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


whats in a name?

There are few disadvantages of having a name that starts with 'A'. The most
obvious is being called very early while taking attendance in a class(name roll being always ordered alphabetically almost always), which means you have to get early to a class after a break and so on.

Another disadv in the past couple of years, people calling me at odd times like 10am, only to realise that I was automatically called because they didnt lock thier phones while keeping in the pocket or somewhere. This happened to me twice today. Although I couldn't understand how, 2 buttons get pressed(one for contacts menu and then perhaps if my name was first in thier contact list).

That said, there are also a few advantages with an 'A' name. You can get done with your lab exams soon.

You need to sit on the first few benches during an exam and so you cannot copy! LOL.

How are you doing, mate? Long time since I was last regular on your blog, I think.

really, u got calls like this? and who locks phones in the US anyway?

on second thought, was that a girl?
Im doing fine. What u upto?

Yeah many ppl have "called" me like this many times-atleast once a month. I guess ppl who dont have flip phones lock thier phones(atleast I've seen most of them locking it).
No, it wasnt a girl. I hardly have any girls' number in my adress book and I wud guess the same the other way.
Lol! Very true. I thought my name was early enough, but yours is worse. I so envy people with names in X,Y and Z.
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