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Monday, November 17, 2008

Today happened to listen this song in cafeteria. Used to be an old fav, but forgot what it was, then my colleague pulled this app
in iphone which listens to a music playing and pulls out the song information(incl youtube videos and itunes). I should say this is the most amazing app I have seen(other than the barcode reader).
I confirmed my own theory that i had that lyrics and music is good if seperated. Because the one I heard was an instrumental version and it was much better than the one with lyrics(I dont understand it anyway). I wish all the songs had instrumental versions seperately and all the good lyrics songs put the music with unnoticeable or low in background, so that attention can be given only to one.

yeah...I think this is called query by humming and has been researched since mid nineties -- I "implemented" a prototype with 10 songs for B.E project -- it was just arnd 400 lines of matlab code.
oh yeah, remember that.
what I was amazed is the accuracy with all the noise/talking near handset around and it literally matched all of the few songs we tried.
ps: I like the way you put implemented in quotes. oh, those BE days.
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