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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Little annoyances taken care of.

All of us know that os x has well thought out and nice-looking interfaces. But macs doesnt seem to stop just with software, some of the little things which have been paid attention to in designing the hardware:

1. I used to have this annoyance when the headphone wire gets pulled off accidentally the laptop suddenly starts blaring(I listen to music, loud). This can be embarassing in office. In mac, there are 2 volume sets, one when the head phone is on and off. If the head phone is not present and volume is muted, you can listen to as loud with the headphone on, when it gets pulled, it gets back to mute.
Ofcourse you dont have to do anything, depending on whether heaphone is present or not, it remembers the volume changes you make and defaults to later.
I dont know if this is really a hardware feature or software feature, watever it is, its awesome.
2. The battery adoptor plug which fits into the laptop has a magnet, so you dont have keep moving your plug to try to fit to the exact spot.
3. Theres a battery indicator at the bottom, so you can know how much charge is left without switching the laptop ON.
4. The edges of the monitor are curvy to cause less irritation to eys after staring for long. Somebody told me this, although I never see this as a problem in other laptops.


2,3,4 are all there on newer thinkpads.

1 is pretty cool though. I don't think I've seen it on any PC.
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