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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Tata Car

So, it looks like its really only the hyped 1 lakh Rs. wow. Its very refreshing to hear once in a while India comes up with a PRODUCT that can take the world aback. Kudos to Tata team for that.

On the good side, more ppl can afford to buy cars and std. of living is going to improve making the affordable levels between rich/poor lesser. I love US for this reason of affordability - a normal job like waitress in coffee shop can afford to live in an apt,have a car,take vacations to other countries.

Im sure the demand for the other cars are going to drop drastically from today after the news. Other manufacturers wondering how they were able to cut costs and whether they can adopt the same for thier country.

Assuming the quality of the car is good(which cannot be known until a while after its release), I would welcome it. By quality I mean usual things like mileage,maintainance(prob over years),enough safety for city (you cannot compare safety to expensive cars) but it has to be atleast decent.

Ofcourse theres going to be a small population who maynot prefer it,bcos if suddenly all u see is Tata cars on the road, thats going to affect their ego - its no more "cooler" to buy one. If I was I wouldnt care, all I care in a car is a music system :)

On bad side, its going to increase the traffic,dust/smoke,global warming everything exposing the lack of infrastructure more. Now even smaller towns(not just cities) will start get crowded and make any commute a hell.
Anyway such advancement cannot be stooped just bcos of the fundamental problem(poor infrastructure). It will just make it no other choice for govt. but to improve it, which is good.


I guess Rahul Bajaj is gonna hava a heart attack. What, it'll be twice the price of an auto-rickshaw? No more zing-zing auto-drivers then..., that won't be bad at all.
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Tata's car is sure going to change life in India. Coming from Tata, I think the problems of mileage, maintenance, etc would be low. Your take on people and their egos and their cars is right! I would prefer having a car that is comfortable, even though it might be an old Maruthi :) Talking about cars filling India and the traffic, I'm already wondering how its going to be on the Mount Road, Avinashi Road, Ring roads and all the main roads. And, finally Indians might, just might, start understanding the importance of car-pooling. That would be great!!
Namma India porapo neraya vishayam maari irukum pola irukku :P
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