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Sunday, September 09, 2007


This day that year

Today, 8 years have passed since I joined my college on 9.9.99(not surprisingly I still remember laughing about the reporting time-9am.)
Sure most of my friends and me, have changed a lot in personalities (for good, I believe). Heck, even the college has grown to an University awarding doctorates and MBBS. Although Im sure growing to a deemed univ has reduced the "quality" of students very much. Anyway, Im happy I met some interesting people in college who have impacted my life in many ways. Still in touch with most of them through IM,phone,orkut and what not. Some of us came to same grad school co-incidentally. Apart from endless philosophical talks we had back in Tucson, now Im responsible for dragging them and they are responsible for dragging me in all directions. (most recent is last week).

How can a college memory post be without a picture? Heres the only digital photo I got, taken during college.
(College tour: Ooty 4th sem.)


wow! it must have been quite an interesting journey! I too look forward to our batch day(aka our first day of college) every year. Happy memories!!
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