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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Not so dumb phones.

I wish phones had the simple capabilities of filtering like in email clients.
I normally dont answer or keep phone switched off, when Im at sleep or sometimes at work or both(!?!?!?). And the other day I got a somewhat time-critical-issue call from work, which I missed (luckily was on IM). My phone doesnt have any filtering.

Phones should (or be allowed to be )programmed such that
-It accept only calls starting with a prefix(or some regex) during certain times
-blacklist/whitelist(important or unimportant)
-re-order voice messages based on "importance" rather than FIFO. This is particularly needed in email. I dont want email from my friends/family or atleast those from my contacts to be immersed in bunch of escaped spam.
-volume of ringtone based on definable caller's importance.
-changable ringtones based on category(tag contacts as work/friends/family etc)
-Direct certain calls(such as from spouse) to voicemail directly without a ring.
-Have automated recorded messages u wish to leave to certain callers. Say u want to leave ur email info on voice message only to work related callers.

Ofcourse the absence of above is not any inconvinience to me, but Im sure it will give competitive edge to the manufacturers as there are these crazy ppl who might need these capabilites. Anybody who has a blackberry might love to have this I wud guess.

All the above can be handled by the instrument itself, not the carrier and the pre-processing shudnt introduce any noticable delay obviously. So, why we dont have any? (given that we already have sufficient hardware to playback movies and play games.). All that is needed is hardware to do simple lookups which is there anyways.


yeah,, these things seem reasonable.

True! Are the mobile phone makers listening??
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