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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Pursuit of Happyness

Not a great movie per say, but a good feel good movie. Many ppl say feel-good movie, but I
rarely feel good after watching any movie. This one I felt good after the movie.
The movie quotes Thomas Jefferson,something similar to "Life is a pursuit of happiness", stressing on 'pursuit' in the sense that its difficult to be happy, but our whole life is to pursue it.
Sorry for the abrupt end of post.

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Yeah, this is one feel-good movie. Reminds me of an old english movie(forgot the name) with the same theme. And, "pursuit" is what makes life more interesting. The only stipulation is that we should know where and when to stop the pursuit. Too bad not many people know this.
the questions that's still hanging around in my mind when I think of this movie is -

"What is happiness?"

I don't want to take the philosphical journey to find an answer for this question.

It is frustrating sometimes, when I see people close to me lose their happiness over really nothing, absolutely trivial reasons for sadness ... sadness to self and to those around them.

Note to self: Save your mourning to the ones that really deserves it.
Alpine Path,
I think its difficult to start/stop the pursuit. Many times we realise its a pursuit only after its finished(i.e goal achieved/failed).

I think this movie rather answers your question.
Happiness is the journey of achieving your dream, not the achievement of the dream , ofcourse its a culmiation which lasts only for a split second.
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