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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Next developments

In the last 20 years ,we have been lucky to see some scientific developments like invention of personal computer, mobile phone and ofcourse internet. However, offlate, there has not been much development in the science or technology front. Ofcoure everyday gazillion gadgets come out, but none of them are breakthroughs like the invention of a personal computer or car. Fields other than technology, whatelse have happened in the last decade? Hmmmm ... ??? I think only intrusion of technology in other fields is the revolution in other fields?
Definitely the growth rate is decreasing(does it mean we are reaching saturation)
What else could be the coming breakthroughs?
My guess:
-personal robots for doing chores like laundry,dish washing.
-better, robots with emotions.have an irritating spouse? no problem.
-flying cars or personal aircrafts
-no traffic lights or even auto car drive.
-free telephone calls worldwide.
-internet at speed of local machine
-video conferencing to the core and useful for daily lives. as useful,simple and common as email.
-literally no queues or waiting anywhere with improvisation in automated systems and traffic.

Even if atleast 2 of those didnt happen in the next 50years, I think we have reached saturation or could be that we would have died of global warming. Thank you for raping the planet.


A friend of mine from work told me some wierd concept - "Earth's polarity will change with every billion years or something and the next cycle is coming up soon. Once it changes the polrity all the electronic devices we have would become useless". Now, do you still want more inventions to come up soon? :)

Sounds like a english version of "Booma devi vaaya tharaka pora da, neenga ellam ulla po poreenga".
Interesting, many discussions here

That apart I still think the rate of inventions is shrinking, esp areas other than technology or medicine. Although I dont know much, but from a common's point of view it is def. true.

i liked this "Booma devi vaaya tharaka pora da, neenga ellam ulla po poreenga". good one!
Arun., Seems u have a good imagination rather than creativity.., every technology is moving towards more greener eco-friendly way of developing from fuel cells to energy efficient processors... its is the administration and economic barriers which r holding real inventions down...

this is for
Anand.. What makes u think like tat... " Booma devi is busy watching Mega serial..,, no way shez gonna turn off TV's"

Its simple v r born n v know someday v r gonna die... but most of us know life is more than an entry n exit.. same with technology... one invention makes other obsolete.., its an opportunity rather than a crisis..
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