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Friday, December 15, 2006


Movies 'R' Us

While my visit to home nears, I was thinking of collecting all my most favorite movies. Thought will post them here too.

Children of heaven[0]
Schindler's list
Its a wonderful life[1]
Hotel Rwanda[3]
(all drama? if I dont know how to classify a movie, I will say it is drama)

[0]What a beautiful movie! Shows the amazing world of kids. Color of Paradise by the same director is also a good movie.
[1]Highly recommended gift(if at all you want to gift a dvd to somebody)
[2]I mainly love this movie for its dialogues. Many dialogues are thought-provoking and with a subtle sense of humor.
[3]This movie apparently has the best dialogue I had ever heard. The last dialogue of the movie goes like this:
X:They said there was no room
Y:Theres always room
It captures the essence of the entire movie(and much more in reality) in one dialogue(Somewhere mid-way in this video) This movie also shows how the UN and rest-of-the-world was indifferent to the largest genocide in human history. Very sad.
[4]After watching this movie I was inspired to read this book. One of the best
books I had ever read. After reading this book, Im considering seriously if I should
become a vegan.


"One of the latest movies for kids is "Charlotte's Web". It is a very cute story about talking animals, which fill kids with optimism and kindness.
Hmm.. will try to watch it, when I get a chance.
hmm... i would rate Hotel Rwanda 4/10. but then u know me! i have added 'Three Colours: Blue' and 'The Return (2003)' to my all time favorite list.

my new movie guide -> avoid Hollywood, Bollywood and 'made for award' movies like plague.

btw, Gandhi inspired u to become Vegan? i thought he drank goat milk.
Ok-Yeah Hotel Rwanda supposedly twists some historical facts, but still I wud consider it good. If u had asked me 2 yrs ago,I wud have said mullholland drive and audition are great movies, I wudnt say it now(no where near great). It will be interesting for me to see what I think abt these movies down the road(Anbe Sivam hadnt changed, rest are fairly new to me<1yr).
Iam not a fan of hollywood/bollywood movies too. I too go only for acclaimed/critic'ed ones.
Yeah Gandhi was a meat eater and he talks abt great length in the book and why he became vegan. I have been for past 1 month, dont see any change. But its too short a period :-)
It reminds of a joke from annie Hall.
X:LA is very clean compared to NY
Y:Thats bcos they dont throw away garbage here
X:What do they do then?
Y:They convert it into hollywood movies.
well, Gandhi was not a meat eater. just that he went out of way and returned later. u mean u have become vegetarian or vegan? are u avoiding dairy, onions, potato etc?

oh man, i dont want to start this again. anybody who has had significant meat (only for its taste) is a meat eater (or ater to be precise in his case :P). i never knew vegan!=vegetarian. lets say no meat(flesh) for simplicity.
can u clarify me who is a vegan. Why onions or potatoes? bcos the entire plant has to be killed for it, as opposed to some other vegetables where only a part is killed? wat about rice? wheat?
meat ater? funny. anyway i only meant Gandhi's parents were vegetarians. yeah, onions etc are roots. for rice and wheat you don't need to kill the plant, though that is what happens. i myself want to become semi-vegan by avoiding dairy products. one of my cousin's family is fruitarian! they only eat stuff which supposedly falls off by itself!
> they only eat stuff which supposedly
> falls off by itself!
hmm.. this is extreme da. many sanyasis can't do that. i was thinking only of
converting if it will help in other aspects of life like composed-emotion /thoughts,less-lazy etc which ppl claim. But if I can get them thru other habits(like hmmm .. wat?), thats fine too.
I personally dont care abt the food da and not guilty of eating any animal or anything like that, bcos my theory of vegetarianism is that its equally bad as non-vegetaraism interms of killing lives.But, just a selfish motive('podhu nallam kalantha suya nallam'-Parasakthi. ).
my wrong usage (podhu nallam kalantha suya nallam'-Parasakthi.) there is no podhu nallam here.
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