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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Interesting problem...

Note-1: I dont know the solution for this, though I have some of my own nothing-great solutions for this.
Note-2:I made complete changes to an original problem which I heard to make it simple and elegant.

There are some N fixed-length-bit-sequences(call it word) . You have to split these words into different groups(say max is G groups. N>>G) such that the maximum "difference" between two words is minimized. "difference" is the number of bit positions which differs in the 2 words. How would do u this in an ideal world where speed or memory is not an issue(this is more like a puzzle than an algo problem)? In a realistic world where time/space is an issue(this is algo-type. graphs can come handy or atleast i think)?
Another interesting question(which came to me as I write this) is what if words are being added/deleted. How to group so as to minimize the re-organization of buckets but allowing for an approximate solution initially(say u can have G+g groups). I think this is hard.
Since I cooked-up this one, if something is not clear make ur own "reasonable assumptions".
I would love to hear ur solutions.


I sorta didn't get it.. can u link to the original question?
Oh, someone put this in an internal mailing list. So, no url :(
Will give u an example, if it can make clearer:
Lets say there are 5(N) words and max is 2 groups(G)

The grouping will be

The difference in G1 is 1 and dffference
in G2 is 2(diff(0000,0011)). Basically given some N words, u have to form a grouping with atmost G groups so that max difference between any two words is miinised. In the above example if 1110 and 0001 was put in the same group, the diff is 4 which is the worst case.
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