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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Height of randomness?

Today I got an email from a guy (who claimed was my neighbour in Chennai). His name doesn't ring any bell to me. He sent his resume asking to refer him. He also left me a voicemail, in which he said "I had sent my resume, please forward anna". I think it indeed came from India.
Sure, I can understand his need, but I was surprised he did actually try to *call* me. Im also surprised whether he had assumed people will interview for positions in US from India? His resume shows that he is a fresh college grad. He never said where/how found my contact info? Web search? univ page? orkut? blog?

Sure, whenever I remember or hear about any friend(esp if not close), I immediately lookup on the web or orkut to see if he has any homepage and see what he has been upto or any interesting info happenning with him? (Btw, any guess on the success rate?:) ). But making an international call is little over the limit, especially since I still couldnt recollect his identity :)
But I think he really wanted me to fwd his resume(otherwise just an email could have worked). So, I did.
[UPDATE : No fun,pun etc intended ]
Moral of the day: The world is sure smaller than u think.

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I remember by jobless (read: job search) days, and I will never forget a HR Rep sending me a random mail stating, "Please stop broadcasting your resume"

Machi, desperation can make you do things that you wouldn't normally do..
anand, true. Now that I think of it, maybe there were a couple of instances where I might have forced others to get the same feeling :)
btw, I forgot to mention I wasn't trying to make any fun of him.
Interesting! Imagine if all the people u know suddenly decide to "take ur help" and send u a mail. Ur mailbox will overflow and all hell will break loose! :) Anyway, I think that guy was desperate. And, how good r ur chances of finding them on orkut? Just curious ;)
nisha, so-far my chances of finding a person(incl u;)) on websearch(usu univ.page) and/or orkut, is almost 100% as long as I know the lastname.
The only time I remember having failed is this person mentioned in this post. Perhaps he didnt give his name in orkut? PPl give random things for "name"
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