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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Happy bday mommy

Today was my mum's birthday. When in India I used to try to do something to make her
happy, as I would have troubled her for the rest of the year :) This year I couldn't do anything. Asusual my mum told me "You neednot do anything, if you are good in life and work, that will make me happy". Till date if there is one person on earth which I share all my things, its my mum. Happy bday to all the moms in this world :-)
Today also happened to be Arvind's b'day. He is also reaching the darker side(25) of life this year.
Btw just noticed Vijay's blog description . It reminded me(once again) of one of my all time favorites!


(Indian) Mother is irreplaceable! I can write few novels describing how my mom was influential in almost every aspect of my life!
true da. Eventhough my mum cannot understand my difficulties(in work etc), she is always eager and encouraging me. I get a lot relieved by just talking to my mom.
Hey! Just saw this post. Wish her on my behalf too. True! Moms always have a special place in our hearts and lives.
Thanks (on behalf of my mom)!
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