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Monday, December 22, 2008


from my facebook profile

talk about targeted advertising?

Sunday, December 21, 2008



saw these movies again.
life is beautiful,motorcycle diaries and schindler's list. wat a retreat.
why dont ppl make great movies like this in tamil?

on an unrelated note, has there been a recent tamil movie based on real historical events/people? periyar was the last one i remember.


rendez vous

i have seen 2(and counting) mass layoffs so far. and have talked to co-workers minutes before and after them hearing the news. i was always surprised how they could be so composed on such a news. ofcourse i wont expect them to cry or shoutout in the air, but atleast they should be seriously pissed. (or maybe they are so mature to hide all thier emotions out of thier face.) but what do they do? they twitter and write witty goodbye emails.
fortunately i had not been a victim(so far), but i dont think i'll be ever in the mood to do these things atleast for a few days.

check these 2 videos taken by aol/ebay employess on layoff day. its good to see people celebrating bad times. celebrating good times is fun. but bad times? now, that needs real attitude.


although it should be fair to mention these are employees in france where they end up with usually a year of salary. no wonder they are happy, but still i thought its interesting that they spend thier time in co-ordinating to make a video. hmm...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The graph should be such that the slope of the the 2 curves(shud not be lines) is high
at the start(after a while) and slowly tapers to unison.
I was just too lazy to find a software which was capable of drawing curves. Also ignore the scale.


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