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Friday, November 21, 2008


Monday, November 17, 2008

Today happened to listen this song in cafeteria. Used to be an old fav, but forgot what it was, then my colleague pulled this app
in iphone which listens to a music playing and pulls out the song information(incl youtube videos and itunes). I should say this is the most amazing app I have seen(other than the barcode reader).
I confirmed my own theory that i had that lyrics and music is good if seperated. Because the one I heard was an instrumental version and it was much better than the one with lyrics(I dont understand it anyway). I wish all the songs had instrumental versions seperately and all the good lyrics songs put the music with unnoticeable or low in background, so that attention can be given only to one.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Songs again...

I was thinking which aspect of the song, attracts one the most?
1. Lyrics
2. Music
3. Singer
4. Video(probably if the first you saw it was on a video)

To me, I feel I first get attracted to 2. but what keeps me really liking it forever, is the lyrics. I have esp noticed with tamil songs, the only songs I carry in my favorite list for years, are only due to lyrics. Good song writers definitely have a way to evoke some kind of good feeling I guess.

Only few songs seem to have both good lyrics and music. I feel thats bcos good music most often dominates good lyrics, so it might fall into the 'good music' category(esp in the beginning),. Unfortunately that means, some good lyrics songs will never be discovered if the music was horrible.
So does it mean a good musician might suppress the good lyrics guy due to grabbing your attention more to the music than the lyrics? Singer's voice doesnt seem to suppress either, but never seem to stand out. Its always subtle. For eg: we all agree that X is a good singer, but will have a hard time, identifying the best of his/her songs. Different people might give different list(I've rarely heard someone say they like the song bcos of the singer, its either music or lyrics) But I dont think that would be the case with song writers, there are clear winners among thier own work.
I think singers achieve thier purpose when the listeners don't pay attention to the voice, but to the flow of the song/lyrics. I guess that makes them less appreciated unfortunately (on a per song basis).

Regd video, I've definitely liked some songs just because of the video, but the fact that I cant recollect them in 1min, says probably it doesnt matter as much as opposed to what I thought otherwise earlier when I started the post.

Just like a song, the 4 points(=people characteristics) can be also equated to people I guess. I leave that as an exercise to the reader:)




Some songs, you never get enough of it, how much ever times you listen to them. 100? 200? not enough.
My recent discovery:
Rthym and Blue- Crazy (click on the album cover to start playing)

Saturday, November 08, 2008



apart from the search for life on other planets, is research being done on the possibility of living under the ocean. being close to land, it seems like ocean is a good place to live or push all the industrial activities to.


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