Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. - (Mark Twain and me)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Wish List for 2007

None this year. Not that I make lists every year.
Nearly most of the things in last year's list will be carried forward this year. Even worse(real worse), thinking about what I did useful(on a personal or career level which is more important than places) in 2006, makes me feel bad!
The problem, is poor self assesment. Its like the survey where 80% of the people rated themselves in top 20% drivers. Its funny but shows a serious physcological problem most people also have(like me). Being average kind of sounds bad. But 50% of people have to be below average(ok,medain).
I always think I can do more than what I really do.This always led to disappointments throughout right from school days to me. Its like after the exams, promise myself that I will make better use of study holidays in the next sem.
After every single thing like an exam or interview, I always feel I could have easily done better and I strongly believed that. There wasn't even one till todate, which I was happy about after its completion. Perhaps, the actual truth (which I started to believe) is that Im no good as I think Iam. It took so many years for me to realise that Im a fool. But it was a good revealation though.



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